Setting up e-mail accounts

Setting up your e-mail accounts is quick and easy. The accounts can be added and managed via the Account Management section of your Springboard, then simply update your e-mail program with the account and server details. Follow the steps in this answer.
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  • Log into your Springboard and go to Account Management.
    From the left menu, select E-mail Accounts, then Add an E-mail Account.

    You have two options for Account Type:
    1. Choose Account if your e-mail will be set up in a program such as Outlook, and you'll send and receive messages directly from and to it.

    • Enter the account name and password.
      The password will need to contain at least one non-alphanumeric character (such as #, *, ! ), must be at least six characters long, cannot be the word "password", and cannot be the same as the account name.

    • Confirm your password and click Save this information.

    2. Choose Forward for the Account Type in order to forward messages sent to a certain address to another account.

    • Enter the account name

    • Now add the e-mail address(es) the messages will be forwarded to

    • If you are setting up the account ina program such as Outlook, mark the Checked Directly checkbox, then provide the password. This will result in messages being sent directly to the account, with a copy to the other address(es).

    • Click Save This Information

    The mailserver is updated in realtime, so as long as your domain is live on our servers, your new e-mail account will function right away, and updates also are effective immediately.

    Here are the e-mail server settings, for setting up the account in your e-mail program:
    Incoming server:
    Outgoing server:
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